Celebrate Hawai'i

DUKE by Moses Goods
Nov 26, 2016

Award-winning actor, writer, and storyteller Moses Goods creates an unforgettable portrayal of the life of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku in his one-man show entitled “Duke.”
Kumu Kahua Theatre: UchinaAloha
Nov 04 - Nov 05, 2016

Playwright Lee A. Tonouchi brings us a warm tale of generations of an Okinawan family in Hawai‘i. David Tamashiro resists his grandfather’s sanshin lessons until he has the right motivation: a girl.
Haunted Hawaiian Nights:  Lopaka Kapanui
Oct 28, 2016

Although they travel far from home, some Hawaiians have found that their heritage follows wherever they go. Come hear ghostly tales and spine-tingling accounts of our Hawaiian brothers and sisters whose haunting experiences in far-off lands are overcome by their own cultural traditions.
Pāka‘a Lanakila!
Oct 23, 2016

Jump into the waʻa (canoe) with your new friend, Pākaʻa, and help him paddle to keep up with the ʻau waʻa lawaiʻa (fishing fleet) as they make their way out to the kai lawaiʻa (fishing grounds).
Mai Poina: The Overthrow
Sep 17, 2016

Following last year’s powerful, Trial of a Queen, the Hawai‘i Pono‘ī Coalition brings Mai Poina: The Overthrow to the MACC in September.
Kū Mai Ka Hula Competition
Sep 10, 2016

Featuring award-winning hālau competing in solo and group performances. Male and female dancers perform both kahiko (traditional) and ‘auana (modern) hula stylings, judged by renowned, prestigious kumu hula.
 Demystifying the Kuahu
Sep 08, 2016

An intimate conversation with Maui kumu hula about what the kuahu means to them personally and to their hālau hula. According to Unwritten Literature of Hawaii by Nathaniel B.